Following in line with the recent release of his highly awaited debut album ‘Worry<‘ (pronounced worry less), Nigeria’s promising talent has returned with a set of vibrant visuals for the stand-out single ‘Present’. Encapsulating a summer-infused feel, ‘Present’ is welcomed with a deep afrobeat percussion and a Latin inspired melody that fuse to create an unorthodox style that is packed with depth and musicality. Flexing his lyrical ability, Tim Lyre exposes a unique, melodic flow and seasoned adlibs that add layers to the record as he touches on his rebellion against the norm and rejoices at rising up alongside his crew.

Having gained international recognition and support from the gatekeepers of Black Music, including BBC Radio 1Xtra, Native Mag, Triller, Guap Mag, Worldwide FM, Rinse FM, Culture Custodian and beyond, Tim Lyre is a custodian and driving force in an exciting era for afrobeats and afro centric music. Accumulating an ever-growing fan base that’s stretched over several projects including his 2020 EP ‘K.A.P’ with guest features from Shalom Dubas and Mafeni, plus his critically acclaimed project ‘Senpai’ with stand-out singles ‘Fakogbe’ and ‘Hurricane’ alongside MOJO, the release of ‘Worry<‘ marks a whole new era for Tim Lyre. Fearlessly interpreting and twisting styles into his own expression of music, the release of ‘Worry<‘ is a celebration of creativity and talent that will undoubtedly continue to exceed the expectations of both present and new followers. 

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