Following the recent release of their documentary and accompanying visuals for stand-out single ‘Hoes & Trust’, the British rap trio 3Smoke have released their highly anticipated debut mixtape that delves into the groups reputable gritty sound.  


Spread across 10 energy-driven tracks that continue to echo the nostalgia of grime in with hard-hitting drill beats, Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie, and Milli Major unleash charged-up flows, gritty bars, and an unapologetic pen game from start to finish. Each brining their own sauce into the mix, this mixtape is seamlessly knitted together by the differing delivery styles and tones of the trio as they take listeners on a journey into some of their darkest realities. From the percussive introduction ‘Style’ to the eerie sounds of ‘Big Rich City’, the boys encapsulate London’s granular energy in tracks like ‘Rich In’ and ‘Ying’. Having navigated a boundary that sees the trio famed for classic grime drops on one side yet push into contemporary lo-fi drill beats on the other, 3Smoke have a fierce determination that has kept them central to the music scene.  

Accompanied alongside a set of dark visuals for stand-out single ‘Hoes & Trust’, we journey through a selection of fast panning shots and strobe lights that correlate perfectly with the feel of the track. Each emcee boasts a varying flow alongside fierce street poetics to create the ultimate wheel-up worthy listen. With roots deeply embedded in British Black Music, Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie and Milli Major first came together as part of Meridian Crew and Bloodline Family alongside comrades that include Skepta and JME. Shining a light on their rich heritage within the scene, the 3Smoke documentary, and the mixtape, unravel the tapestry of music, friendship and self-belief that has come from the unity of three highly prized rappers.  

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