STREAM: Major Moves By Gi Major

NYC born-and-bred creative Gi Major shares her new album Major Moves’ – a body of work, beautifully combining US and UK styles, with a strong list of MC’s and producers to back it up.

Major Moves’ is an 8-track Grime LP, pushing Gi to pack her bags and head to London for the release, paying homage and respect to the birthplace of the genre.

With production credits stretching from the UK, to Canada and even further to Russia, Gi Major’s clever world-wide combinations truly highlight her creative processes, and her need to intertwine her passions and eclectic styles.

Featuring legendary rappers such as NYC’s Narsie, West London’s Logan and East London’s Smiley, the collection of tracks represent her love for her hometown and also her appreciation for London, a place she calls her second home.

The LP touches on a variety of topics held close to her heart, from being misunderstood to consistently embedding her place within the Grime scene.

From her abundance of successes, such as performing at beloved festival Outlook and being featured on some of the UK radio stations Kiss FMRinse FMMode and Westside Radio, Gi Major has worked tirelessly on her craft. After spending the last five years creating a Grime movement in the Hip-Hop lands of New York, Gi also focused her time on her record label, Sedimentary Sounds, her event series On The Low, and developing arts programs for incarcerated youths at a Juvenile Detention Centre in Brooklyn, showcasing how her love for underground music is being used for the best.

Stream ‘Major Moves’ here:

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