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J Cole Teases Sixth Studio Album With 2 New Songs

J Cole is just about to make his biggest release all 2020. This release will be the follow-up to his 2018 project – K.O.D

Following the backlash he suffered due to supposed misinterpretations of his earlier release “Snow on That Bluff,” the North Carolina-based rapper is still undeterred.

J Cole dropped two tracks coming from his album, to be released later this year (date unannounced), “The Climb Back” and “Lion King On Ice“. The artist went ahead to assure fans work is in progress, he’s only taking his time, so in the meantime enjoy these 2 singles.

On “The Climb Back” which he solo-produced, the artist speaks on the hurdles of getting ahead in his career and in real life. “Everybody gotta cry once in a while.But how long will it take before you smile.This is that come back to life shit.”

On the other track; “Lion King On Ice” co-produced with T-Minus and Jetson, he discusses his past struggles and sacrifices made on his journey to limelight.“I prayed for better days, then found a better me.I got my head on straight.”

Both singles makes a case that J Cole’s best work is yet to come.

Stream The Climb Back

Stream Lion King On Ice

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