Snow On Tha Bluff

J Cole Drops Surprise Song “Snow On Tha Bluff”

J Cole Surprises Fans With Snow On Tha Bluff
Following a hiatus of long silence, North Carolina natvie, J Cole, has surprised his fans by dropping new music which touches off on themes of Racism and Police Brutity.

“Snow On Tha Bluff” joins the long list of tracks inspired by the murder of George Floyd. J Cole’s new release shares the same title as a 2012 drama by Damon Russell, which tells a tale of a Drug Lord, Curtis Snow also known as ‘The Bluff’.

The song produced by himself and Kevin Wooten (Wu10) is J Cole’s first solo track since the release of his album – KOD.

The song went viral almost immediately, sparking a controversy. Owing to the lyrics of the song, many interpreted it as J Cole taking shots at an unnamed rapper who calls herself ‘Noname’ (Chicago-based).
Responding to the numerous comments on Twitter, J Cole tweeted about his love and respect for Noname who he called a ‘Leader’.

In a subsequent tweet, he mentioned the female rapper and urged his fans to follow her.

Enjoy Snow On Tha Bluff below


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