Snoop Dogg


Snoop Doggy dished out a new single labelled “I Wanna Go Out”, produced by Soopafly. 

Accompanying the track, Snoop also dropped a video, in which he paid tribute to late basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

The stay-at-home inspired music pictures the restlessness and longing of the rapper to step outside his home like back in the days where partying was quite normal and not illegal.

Few days before the songs release, 6ix9ine launched series of attack on Snoop Dogg. Accusing him of ‘snitching’ on Death Row co-founder Suge Knight, dragging the rapper in-out on social media. 

Snoopy replied by calling the recently released from jail, 6ix9ine a “Hood Rat”. However, amidst all the whole online drama, Snoop was on Instagram promoting his music. 

Enjoy the part of the lyrics:

“You can’t tell me this is how we supposed to be living.I’m just waiting for the day I can have some fun.Too much time on my hands, my whole world is spinningI just want to have a good time in the skyI’d rather be out there in the streetsIn my hood, in the beach, feeling goodReppin’ that Eastside LBC Usually, I would be out there in the club.VIP, banging the dub, fresh and clean.”


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