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Nicki Minaj gifts fans comeback Anthem “Yikes”

Barely five months after announcing her retirement from music to concentrate on her new family. Nicki Minaj is back with a solo song “Yikes“. 

The rapper is in a trigger ready mood to take down anyone who attempts an aim at her crown.

Don’t ever fuckin’ play with me
Y’all niggas know, y’all bitches know I’m the fucking queen

“Yikes” is a solo track heralding Nicki’s reemergence and it won’t be part of her upcoming fifth album, a sequel to Queen (2018). 

“It’s not my single because the single will be launched with a visual. This is the set-up song,”

she said during Pollstar Live! 2020.

The new song comes only a few days after Minaj’s Twitter war with former beau Meek Mill their second confrontation in 2020. Mill also went on to release Believe featuring Justin Timberlake. However from comparison, both songs appear unrelated to the feud.

Watch the lyric video for “Yikes” below.

Nicki minaj – Yikes

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