Celine Dion releases new English Album "Courage"

Celine Dion releases new English Album “Courage”

Celine Dion released her first English language album in six years.

Despite mourning the death of her husband and manager, René Angélil In 2016 and being absent from releasing new music, the songstress vocals are still impeccable as ever.

The 51 year old, Grammy winner, released ‘Courage’, a heartrending, uplifting and utterly powerful record. As she hopes to start a new chapter after René.

Across 16 tracks (20 on the deluxe edition), the French Canadian Ballard singer teamed up with Sam Smith, Sia and a host of other songwriters to produce a classic piece of work. 

“For the Lover That I Lost” track shows a mournful Celine singing with nostalgia as she reminisces upon memories that “feel like magic”. Evidently inspired by the grieve of Angélil’s passing.

And on “Falling in Love Again,” she ends up being head over heels for a new partner when she least expects it: “Just when I thought I was destined to end up all alone / You showed me there’s more to this life.”

Celine Dion is simply ageless and just like old wine, she gets sweeter with time. 

Stream her new album below: 

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