Cardi B storms Lagos and Accra in December

Cardi B storms Lagos and Accra in December

Cardi B has confirmed she would be performing live in two African cities (Lagos and Accra) in December.

This announcement comes after Cardi initially revealed that she will no longer be performing for the rest of the year, but when her teeming fans asked, she had to make an exception.


The Grammy Award winning Rapper is credited to having a massive fan base in Africa. As her signature slang okurrrrr! has gone mainstream in Lagos and many other African cities.

The music festival tagged Livespot X is slated for December 7 & 8 and will take place in Lagos and Accra. The open air experiential event is powered by Livespot Nation, a popular Nigeria-based creative hub/events production company.

The brain behind this Cardi B African Invasion is no other than Dare Art Alade (Chief Creative Director of Livespot). Well known for creating magical events, he also invited Kim Kardashian to co-host his ‘Love like a movie’ a Valentine’s Day concert in Lagos a few years ago.


Regular tickets- #5,000/$14
VIP tickets- #30,000/$82
Gold Circle- #100,000/$274

Also, there will be intermittent flash sales on the Livespot Nation website which means you could get massive discounts on tickets if you stay on the lookout. Buy Ticket

Livespot Artist lineup

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