Ally Brooke Drops New Single “No Good”

Former Fifth Harmony singer, Ally Brooke dropped a new song “No Good”. 

In this beautiful rendition, Ally sings about a love she knows is “no good” for her, but she just can’t stay away. “Some things are definitely bad but we love it too much to break away.” 

“Make a promise that I’m leaving/ But my heart only wants what it wants””You’re poison, I’m ivy/Together we’re perfectly bad”

This new single comes with exciting thrills to Brooke’s fans as it’s marks her first solo effort. Given that her previous songs- “Low Key” “Lips Don’t Lie” and “Higher” all had featured artists.

The singer’s highly anticipated debut album is also on track to be released next year.   

Listen to “No Good” here: 

Ally Brooke – No Good

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