Walk on water with Nike Air Max 97

Walk on water with Nike Air Max 97

How would you like to walk on water like Jesus did? Nike Air Max 97 ‘Jesus Shoes’ is the miracle you need to perform such an audacious feat.

The ‘Jesus Shoes’ contain 60cc (ml) of holy water sourced from the famous River Jordan in Israel that has been injected into the soles.

The sneakers was well crafted with a couple of religious symbolism to make bold its claim. Some of which are

  1. A steel miniature crucifix on top of the laces of the right trainer.
  2. A red blob at the tip of each trainer tongue to signify the blood of Christ.
  3. Red wool insoles which is Frankincense scented (frankincense was one of the 3 gifts the wise men brought to Jesus on the night of his birth)
  4. The bottoms of the shoes are also dyed a reddish tint to mimic the outdoor shoes worn by Vatican popes.
  5. ‘Matthew 14:25’ the biblical verse which accounts the act of Jesus walking on water is also referenced on the side of the canvas shoe.
Design Details of Jesus' Shoe Nike Air Max 97

In addition to all of these, the ‘holy sneaks’ were blessed individually by a priest.

Hilariously, this awesome design isn’t from the stables of Nike HQ. The shoes, according to New York Post, were purchased at retail price and privately re-designed by MSCHF (acronym for Mischief) a “counter-culture media” product brand, based in Broolyn, New York.

“We wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten.”

“What would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?” and came up with this white-and-sky-blue pair.

“But this one was the holiest of all the collabs.”

Daniel Greenberg, Head of commerce at MSCHF

The white kicks which was released last Tuesday, originally at $1,425 was sold out quickly under few minutes. For those who love this latest wonder of the world but missed the first release, more will be available October 22 (most definitely above $3000).

Celebrities like A$AP Rocky and a few top YouTubers were the first set of people to receive this shoe as gifts before the official launch.

MSCHF’s objective is to drop a new project every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Notable among their projects include “Times Newer Roman,” a new font that is 5 – 10 percent bigger than the usual Times New Roman (for students to fill up the pages of their term papers). Another ingenuous project is the browser plug-in that makes Wikipedia pages look like real sources (yet another cheat mode for creative students).

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