Kanye West drops a double: Jesus is King Album and Movie

Jesus Is King has finally dropped after multiple cancelled launches. The first promised date was September 27th, followed by 29th, both dates passed without any sight of the album.

The new album counts as Kanye’s 9th but on a closer look 12th, if you take into account his collaborative albums with Jay-Z and Kid Cudi and his G.O.O.D team.

Tracks on this album are mostly classic worship songs and a few re-interpreted Ye’s old tunes. Most of his old music are also likely to undergo similar re-recording and rebranding to give them a pious form said West jokingly.

For the greater part of 2019, Kanye has been holding his now famous Sunday Service events with his band and live choir almost every week. Rendering classic covers of hymns and spirituals. 

This he has done through road shows, to Coachella on Easter Sunday, to Dayton after the unfortunate mass shooting incident, also to his Chicago hometown.

The controversial “I’m a God” & “Jesus walks” artiste who now brandishes himself as a “Christian innovator”. Was reported to have contemplated giving up rap music career, after retracing his religious steps but was instead advised to re-channel his vibes.

Critics are still unclear where this is all leading. But for now, it has led to an album, an IMAX 30 minutes movie (released a day earlier) and another album seems underway “Jesus Is Born,” scheduled for Christmas day (a promise fans hold on to like a grain of salt).

The new 27-minute album has the following as its tracks. Listen to the album here:

However, the much-hyped “New Body” is conspicuously absent from the album.

As an icing to the cake the Yeezy boss says ‘Jesus Is King’ Tour will start right away.

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