Gemini Man

Gemini Man and the Rebirth of Fresh Prince of Bel Air

One Will Smith in a movie is epic, having two is definitely out of this world.

Gemini Man is Will’s newest movie and its special in many ramifications as it has been in the making for over 2 decades. The movie was filmed with futuristic technology and the gist going round indicates it could be a precursor to the reincarnation of the 90’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air sitcom. 

The film was shot at a hyper-realistic 120 frames per second. Unlike than the usual 24 or the rare 60rps and not only that, it was shot in 3D to show the vividness of the effects and stunts. However, the reception from viewers and critics has being south.

Ang Lee, the director who has made a career for himself by defying norms, is undeterred with the reviews and box results. He reiterates, he is ready to experiment further with 3D and other innovative technologies in his subsequent movies.

Plot Synopsis

Will Smith plays a 51-year-old assassin named Henry Brogan who gets tired of his contract killings and wants a retirement. Being the best in the game and with so much classifieds at his disposal. His superiors aren’t willing to let him go freely.

A mysterious killer pursues Henry Brogan (Smith) however, both men are equally skilled in combat . As the younger assassin can predict the older’s every move. Upon discovering that Junior, his hunter is the younger clone of himself, Henry moves to find out why he is being targeted and who the creator/sponsor is.

Junior, the Will Smith version 2.0 in Gemini Man was a digitally designed clone, that resembled the younger version of Will in the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ days. This has sparked interest that the series reboot could be underway.

Update: Will Smith has confirmed that a spin-off of his limelight launching comedy series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is currently in the making. This comes 13 years after its final episode aired in 1996.

Westbrook, a production company managed by Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, has started work on resuscitating the beloved series.

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