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Exclusive Summer Walker Beats 1 Live Interview

New artist on the block, Summer Walker sat down with Beats 1 Julie Adenuga at the Beats 1 Studio in London for her first ever interview. The singer discussed her creative process, goals for 2019 and onstage confidence.

Here are three things we learned from her interview with Beats 1.

1. She doesn’t get stage fright.

It’s so fucking weird when I get on stage, I don’t be nervous at all. It don’t make no sense. I be scared as hell all day. Then when I get on [stage], I just be like, ‘Alright, well, I’m here so.’ Except for when I have to talk, I don’t like to talk [on stage].

2. She only listens to her music during the recording process.

I don’t listen to the music after it comes out. I know a lot of people don’t. After I make it, I don’t want to hear it no more. Just gotta get it out. I’ve cried in the studio.

3. She has lofty goals for 2019.

I literally just want to make soap, that’s my goal. From herbs and roots. That’s what I always wanted to do but I feel like it takes time because I want to grow the stuff in the garden and that would require me to have a home so I need the finances to get a home to make my garden to make my soap. That’s all I want to do. I gotta get a new car. I want a Mazda because see, the goal here is the garden and the home and going to get a Benz right now would not be very intelligent.

An Apple Music exclusive short film will be available Tues. Jan 22, giving fans another opportunity to learn more about the enigmatic Atlanta singer/songwriter and musician.

Watch Summer Walker’s interview below:

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