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New Song Alert: YUNA – “LEAVING”

Malaysian songstress Yuna and Canadian DJ and Producer Ekali, drops a emotive electric soul ballad that takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey.

The song paints an emotionally distant relationship in which the lyric’s recipient has their attentions directed elsewhere – another partner or perhaps just a distracted sense of curiosity over the possibility of a different love.

“If you’re cold inside, I’ll start a fire, but you just let it die,” sings Yuna. “If you’re lost inside I’ll be your guide, the moonlight in your sky.”

Yuna’s lyrics show a grounded and compassed strength that is admirable in her understanding that relationships do not imply an ownership of one person over another.

“If your body needs the space for breathing / You know I can’t stop you from leaving,” she sings. “Every time you feel low, I can always be your hero / But you only think for yourself, you lookout for somebody else.”

Listen below:

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