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Die Antwoord Respond To Eminem’s Diss Track

There’s no fixing this relationship. Die Antwoord,  a popular South African and now international hip hop group clapped back at Eminem‘s “Greatest” diss track on his Kamikaze album. On the track,  Em’ implies that frontman Ninja let his now ex-wife Yolandi Visser “get fucked by Muggs,” the renowned DJ for Cypress Hill.

Ninja and Yolandi have history and still remain very close after their divorce but even though the allegation in Eminem’s track is all true, it did not stop Ninja from giving the Detroit rapper a humorous clapback.

Ninja spits, “It sounds like you missed us,” Visser says as the video begins. After which, Ninja clears the air with a quick fire round of bars. “Yolandi’s not my girl bra,” he confirms.

“She’s just my best friend who loves me/And everybody knows Vissy dated Muggzy/Mad respect to my brother Muggs/Em you slipping/You used to rap better on drugs.” 

For the full response, check out the video below:

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