Rapper Kshr On His New Music, Growing Up In Saudi Arabia And More

Since leaving Dubai a few years ago, Kshr seems to have found his happy place out in Toronto and in his new endeavors of creating music and capturing moments with his photography. We caught up with the Egyptian rapper while on his recent visit to Dubai to chat about his love of the craft, living in Saudi Arabia and what’s next. Read on for more:


UE: For those who have not caught on, can you tell them who Kshr is?

Kshr is an Egyptian artist now based in Canada.

UE: Tell us more about where you grew up? Where is home for you?

I don’t have a home, unfortunately. I was brought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which was a very interesting experience for sure. Taught me a lot about life but as I mentioned in my song “Back Home” (Everything is satisfying till you find better). I can’t be going to jail anytime I want to meet my girl or every time I want to perform. I’m hearing it changed now, but I’ll never really know. I’m trying to go to Egypt eventually, my actual home.

UE: You’ve been rapping for a minute now. What was it like performing at SOLE DXB?

I always love performing for the people and SOLE DXB is always a great experience – it’s nice to see the Middle East pave their own way in the street culture and hip-hop scene. We still have a long way to go though, but we are getting there. 


UE: One of our favorite tracks of yours is Circa 83. Delivery was flawless and every line on the track sounded personal. Tell us more about it.

Music for me is a very personal and a spiritual art form, so everything I work on is like that. That specific track though was just a celebration for making it out the city. I remember back when I first moved to Dubai and I always told people I’m not going to be here for a long time I’m leaving soon, and they used to tell me everyone says that but they never do. This track was just me saying I did that.


UE: Well, It’s only up from here for you. What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m working. Everything coming out this side is worth the wait right now.

UE: If you can describe the Future of Hip Hop in one word. What would that be?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how corny would it be if that one word was just my name? *Kanye shoulder shrug*

You can catch kshr. over at his Instagram: @TheOnlyKosher  and listen to his new track “IDK” out on Spotify – Listen HERE 

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