Drake gives away $1 million in emotional “God’s Plan” Video

After weeks of hype on Instagram about Drake doing charity work in Florida, the Canadian rapper now gives us the full reason as to why with the release of the visuals for his single “God’s Plan”  

“The budget for this video was $996,631.90,” reads an opening message at the start of the video. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”
The video was directed by Karena Evans and Director X and has been widely postivaly received. The video is genuine throughout and watching the video is an emotional experience as he gives back to the community. In the video he can be seen:
  • Giving away stacks of cash to people on the street
  • Presenting a scholarship check to a student
  • Gifting toys to children
  • Paying for shopper’s groceries at a neighborhood supermarket
  • Surprising a family with a brand new car
  • Donating to City of Miami’s Fire Department, a music school and to the University of Miami
In an Instagram post on his channel, Drake called the video, “The most important thing i have ever done in my career”. Watch Drake’s God Plan video below.


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