I recently had the opportunity to interview photographer and friend, Tegan Smith from Tegan Smith Photography. Over the past few years, I have seen her grow from strength to strength, shooting some of the most amazing photos, brands and biggest models in the game. Her unique style and her network have made her one to watch and her good energy is hard not to like and be drawn to. I asked her a few questions while on a recent trip to Cape Town.

Check out her interview below:

Interview with Cape Town fashion Photographer, Tegan Smith. Aisha Baker's photographer

UE. How did you get into photography?

TS. I’ve always had a passion for art and photography. I loved documenting moments in my life so that i could relive those great memories. One year after Matric, I made the decision to study photography. I did that for 3 years and received my Diploma in Fashion Photography. I’ve been freelancing for just over six years now and it has been a great journey so far.

UE. What is your shooting style?

TS. I like a soft natural light. I focus on movement and don’t like overly posed shots, I like to capture the moment. That way it’s more authentic for me and my audience. My aim is to capture a moment and tell a story with my imagery.


UE. What type of camera do you use?

TS. I use a Canon 5D MII. When I just started photography, a friend of mine was a photographer and he used a Canon. I asked if he was happy with it and he was, so I gave the brand a shot. I have been using Canon ever since.

UE. Who would you say has been your best client to shoot for?

TS. I would say, Ford because we collaborated on so many cool concepts together but if we set aside my favourite “brand” and focus on a specific client then it would have to be Aisha Baker from BakedTheBlog.com. We work so well together and the things we get to do together has been awesome. We’ve also become really good friends, so it makes shooting with her so much fun.

Aisha Baker from BakedTheBlog.com

UE. Which brands would you like to shoot for next?

TS. I would love to shoot for Michael Kors or a high fashion brand which sells beautiful evening gowns. I love fashion, the glitz and glam intrigue me so much.

UE. We have seen that you love shooting at various locations in Cape Town. Why Cape Town?

TS. I enjoy living here. We are so spoiled with so many cool location options to shoot. Every place is different, so no two days are the same. Cape Town has a ton of locations that can be used to pull off a look from another country, so one can really play around with concepts. You can have a “New York” touch or a “French/Italian” feel to your shoot, it’s amazing. Us photographers are truly lucky to have Cape Town as our playground.

UE. What’s next for Tegan Smith Photography?

TS. More travel. I would love to shoot overseas like Dubai and Singapore. I feel like it will happen this year. Plans are in the making, so stay tuned.

You can catch up with Tegan’s journey on social media. Follow her here: Instagram @TeganSmithPhotography and Twitter @TegzPhotograpy

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