When i sit down and curate these playlists, i always look at the back story of the artist, the quality of production and the way it makes me feel. It may seem crazy to go into each track like that but that is just how much I enjoy putting these together for you guys. Once we have a good selection, we then test out the playlist by playing it with our earphones plugged in and then also playing it in the car – if it fails to have us vibing by singing along or throwing in a few rhythmic head nods then it has to go.

So, without any further delay, here’s Urban 009. Plug in your Gold Khromo earphones and let’s vibe.


dvsn – mood

Woah, if i had to give a rating out 5 for this track it would be a solid 5/5. The OVO duo, Daniel Delay and producer Nineteen85 knocked it out the park with this one. “Mood” is smooth and romantic and gives off a Maxwell touch with haunting falsetto elements and a sultry chorus.

PartyNextdoor –  BREAK ME DOWN

PND is undeniably a good RNB crooner but in this track he flows into a Young Thug vibe by delivering crazy ad-lib like bursts of words to fit the emotional flow of this tune. The sing-rap flow is just genius! In ‘Break Me Down” he sings about wanting his ex back, giving reference to his ex Kylie Jenner.

Princess nokia – tomboy

If you are not familiar with underground alternative Hip-Hop artist, Destiny Frasqueri a.k.a Princess Nokia then where have you been? Princess Nokia is a New York based Boricua rapper, and is authentic in every thing she deliveres. In “Tomboy”, she shows her androgynous self with non-traditional raps about girls having itty bitty titties and fat bellies in an effort to empower women. With high frequency beats on this production and thematic inclusions like a car engine revving, this is one hell of a track. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store on her 1992 Deluxe album.

If you have any tracks that you are enjoying at the moment, that we haven’t featured yet, let us know, and we might add them to the music playlist next month!

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